Rediscovering Mobile Phone Experience with the Latest iPhone Apps

The latest revolutionary move in the world of mobile phones is the invention of iPhone that has become successful in fetching a wide attention of the people. The primary reason behind this immense popularity of the iPhones is the applications used in them which are especially designed for these phones. In a recent conference iPhone has revealed that it is going to launch various applications worldwide. One of them is the SDK applications which have become the centre of talk these days. Born from the software developer kit SDK application is the native apps which will make its entry into the market very soon. Also the iPhone will have the facility to have adobe flash player in it which will be a new experience for those who use the mobile internet frequently.

Although there are vast arrays of applications which are used in the iPhones, hereunder are given some of those applications which will increase your experience in case of mobile using:

  • One of the most popular apps brought by the iPhone in the market is known as iPhonedigg. Like the social website known as Digg which is related to bookmaking, this application of iPhone enables you to have a look at the top articles in a particular category with the dig counts.
  • Another very important and popular service given by the iPhone is the service related to instant messaging. This application of instant messenger is known as JiveTalk which is plays a very beneficial role by make you connect through all the major and chief IM networks. The application helps you in an easy arrangement of all your contacts in a interface which is very simple to use and without any complications.
  • To give you the facility of reading the phone you have subscribed on the iPhone, this latest mobile phone has given you a web application known as David Cann’s Google Reader which is a kind of Rss Reader used in the mobile phones.
  • There are more applications to surprise you. One of them helps you to compare the prices of gas in your locality which you can easily use in the Google maps.
  • The advent of internet has brought a host of social networking sites like orkut, facebook or, twitter etc. that help you in finding out friends online. There is a similar kind of application in the iPhone called ipling. This application works as those social networking sites and helps the users of the iPhone to search for new contacts all over the network.

Important points you should remember:

The first thing you have to pay attention to is about the places where you get the applications from. You will have a large number of sources to download these applications but you have to look for trusted and reputed websites having the permit to serve you with the application. You have to be aware of the hacking software that are most frequent on the internet. Not always go for the free applications offered by the websites, but instead try to find out those sites which sell applications at an affordable range. Besides, you must check the genuineness of the applications before you start downloading.


The latest instance of our technological progress the iPhone has indeed made a revolution with its wide range of applications that gives you a new taste and experience in handling the mobile phone.