The Rise Of Online Gaming

Online gaming is a technology used to connect players together in the World Wide Web. This mechanism is a very common entertainment activity for people of all ages. While the internet connectivity becomes more affordable and accessible as years go by, the online gaming trend is getting more creative and widespread.

Early Online Games

The first online gaming technology originated as early as 1969. Space War, a two-player game was offered as an online game by Plato Internet service. In 1972, thousands of players used the games simultaneously.

It became more popular during the late 70’s and early 80’s. Dial-up Bulletin Boards started it all. The bulletin boards are the earliest multi-player games as they provided a platform suitable for multi-users.

The MUD game is hosted by Essex University in 1980. Kesmai Corporation launches Mega Wars in 1983. Frogger and Pac-Man were re-established as a game played on a webpage. Games became played by multiple players and the single players were made to submit their score. A list is provided to show the standing of the different player.  Online gaming is starting to attract more and more players.

Online Gaming on the Rise

Internet technology becomes more advanced as they evolved to platforms like Java and Flash. Millions of websites started to mushroom across the Internet. These started a new wave of eager Internet users.

People around the world clamored for online gaming. The Asian, European, and American communities created high demand for gaming sites. The Internet offered various opportunities to interactive users.

The Online Gaming Phenomenon

This led to a revolution of the World Wide Web. Some sites offer paid subscriptions. Others offer free gaming in exchange for a busy traffic and advertising revenues. Dot Com websites grew to an enormous size and everyone is joining the bandwagon.

Many new games were introduced in the following decade and online games are steadily gaining ground. Technological monsters took advantage of the situation.  Sony PlayStation and Nintendo 64 were launched almost at the same time.

Both of the gaming consoles reached unexpectedly high sales. Microsoft established X-Box Live and the success of gaming technology is uncontrollable. They altered the pace of the gaming activity forever.

Online Gaming Today

This technology started on a slow rate, just like other new machineries. It began with a first few gamers who experimented and later on adopted it. As the gaming technology evolved into an activity offering more fun and exciting, the true power of the games surfaced. Another reason why online gaming reached its highest peak is the lower costs of Broadband.

Today, everybody enjoys these games as they have a chance to connect with a lot of players across geographical boundaries and cultures.  Online gaming is here with us to stay.